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Steel and stainless steel weldments

Production of steel weldments

  • Production of building machinery parts - chassis, booms, grabs, buckets, etc.
  • Production of automotive parts - fenders, superstructures, tipper component, etc.
  • Steel structures for open mines
  • Production of machine tool parts - support structures, frames, handler parts, hoods, etc.
  • Steel staircases and platforms
  • Steel mast structures - advertising masts, mobile phone antenna masts, etc.

Production of stainless steel weldments

  • Stainless steel balustrades, staircases, interior elements, advertising boards
  • Stainless steel truck bodies
  • Stainless steel parts of special-purpose trucks
  • Stainless steel frames for vehicles and motorbikes
  • Stainless steel technological equipment for chemical and food-processing industries
  • Stainless steel sheathing and facing